Vincent Chew is the co-founder and CEO of Eduvo Group, a professional firm devoted to building capabilities and enriching lives through holistic education and lifelong learning. He is the Master Coach of Eduvo and Master Impact Coach.

    Eduvo is the trusted professional Holistic Human Capital & Business Development Firm in Asia that helps turn ordinary people to worthy human asset and transform good companies to great organisations. Eduvo serves the Undergraduate Students, Working Adults, Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMEs, Corporates, NGOs and Government Agencies.
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Human Capital Developer │ Leadership Coach │ Entrepreneur Builder │
Strategic Business Planning Specialist │ Business Strategist

A visionary, strategist, human capital developer and business builder, Vincent Chew has a very special TALENT in envisioning the Peak Results of an Individual, a Business, a Project or a Solution and possesses an uncanny capability to enhancing processes & breakthrough habits towards achieving PEAK Transformations for Individuals, Businesses and Organisations.

He graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. He started his career as a Sales Executive in one of the largest steel mill in Malaysia and then moved on to becoming a Marketing Manager in one of the largest aluminium recycling plant in Malaysia. He left the employment market after 8 years and ventured into business consultancy (upon demand) before he found his true passion in coaching and people/talent development. Vincent specialises in Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Leadership development. Over the years, he has gain a wide array of skills and knowledge, including over 10 years of experiences in Human Capital Development, Sales & Marketing and Business Building & Management for individuals & businesses, where his exposure spans from various industries & businesses – both domestic and international. To date, he has exposure in over 20 industries and growing and continuously strives to deliver Hope, Harmony & Happiness to people of all walks of life.

Vincent often work in a “hybrid” mode – as a coach – consultant - trainer – depending on the clients’ needs, wants and values as well as the clients’ time constraints and deadlines. This means that he offers his clients the best of the three professions: advice and expertise when they need it, motivation and brainstorming when they’re stuck, insights to build them and their businesses to their highest potential and imparting knowledge and resources to specific skills and techniques for his clients’ growth.

He is also creator of the “Wheel series” – The Wheels of Mastery – “Life Mastery Wheel & Business Mastery Wheel”, “The RESULTS Wheel Coaching Model”, “The Wheel of Happinesse”, “The Wheel of Change”, “The Wheel of Organizational Culture” & “The Wheel of Opportunities”, as well as The Game of Entrepreneurship Roadmap & Framework – all of which are specifically designed to help individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders, executives & organisations to grow and progress continuously.

His goal is really very straight–forward – to help individuals ignite their passion and realize their true potential. To help individuals and businesses get the desired results and optimize profits. And to chart their course towards business and life fulfillment.


Co-Founder and CEO of Eduvo Group (Eduvo Sdn Bhd – Professional Holistic Human Capital & Business Development Firm, Eduvo Academy – School of IT & Business, Evotech Solutions – Professional One-Stop IT Service Centre, CNH Academy – School of Real Estate and Asia Startup Hub Sdn Bhd – Private Business Incubator)

15 years in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Professional Coaching & Training, specialising in Startups, Entrepreneurship & Business Transformation & Growth, SMEs Scalability & Sustainability, Leadership & Management Development and Career Advancement

Coached > 350 individuals, > 750 Coaching hours, > 100 Companies in > 20 industries & Trained > 1,000 individuals

Creator of the Wheel series – tools to facilitate life & business change & transformation (The Life Mastery Wheel, The Business Mastery Wheel, The RESULTS Coaching Wheel, The Wheel of Happinesse, The Wheel of Change, The Wheel of Learning)

Founder and creator of Impact Coach (Professional Entrepreneurship, Business & Leadership Coaching Licensing System).

Global University for Lifelong Learning Malaysia Action Learning Coach (GULL, USA) (2013-Present)

Creator of The Game of Entrepreneurship Roadmap & Framework

Vice-President, International Coach Federation, Malaysia Chapter (2012-2013).

Business exposure: Real Estate, Construction, Insurance, Advertising & Promotion, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Stock Broking, Food & Beverages, Web Design, Beauty, Education, Network Marketing, Oil & Gas Trading, Banking, Unit Trust, Retail and etc.

Certified Professional Coach (ICA, USA)

Certified Trainer (TTT/6324)(PSMB, Malaysia)

Bachelor Degree of Business, University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)

Lecturer & Tutor in the subject of entrepreneurship, coaching and personality profiling

Business Advisor for Enactus, TAR University College (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Guest Lecturer at HELP University on coaching related topics.

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Talent/Potential Development via Personality & Purpose Discovery

Ability to identify people’s character and behavior, identify their blind spots & optimize their performance based on their strengths.

Uncluttering Cluttered Thoughts

Ability to re-organize an individual’s confused and cluttered thoughts, bringing them to new perspectives, realization, clarity and new improved “mind picture”.

Strategic Business Planning

Ability to visualize the “bigger picture” and create clarity to directions moving forward.

Business Process Systemization

Ability to identify gaps in systems and work flows, create connections to these gaps and work on practical systemization.

Entrepreneurship & Business Growth Strategies & Tactics

Ability to design an entrepreneur’s or business’s directions and apply suitable growth strategies & tactics.



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